Jenae Spencer, LPC, RYT


The foundation of my life and passion is based on it… HOPE.

No matter what has happened or where we have been, there is always a new day, a new hour, even a new minute.  There is always potential for growth, change, healing, and restoration.  I would not do what I do without believing that with every fiber of my being.  I invite you to hope with me, to invite change, and to dream and believe in the possibilities.  It is not always easy, but in my experience it is absolutely worth it.

Jenae Spencer, LPC, RYT

As licensed counselor and yoga instructor, I am passionate about treating the whole person.  Different names for this approach include integrative psychotherapy, holistic therapy, or somatic therapy.  But basically it is taking the entire person into account, and utilizing techniques that are based in the belief that the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies are intrinsically intertwined.  

I graduated with a Masters in Counseling and Masters in Theology in 2007, and became a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in 2010.  I am trained in trauma sensitive yoga for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  I am also a Certified HeartMath Practitioner and teach management of heart rate coherence and breath to improve self-regulation and emotion management.  Over the past decade, I have worked in multiple settings that have shaped my heart and vision for healing.